Hire Know Me St Louis For:

Sponsorships and Campaigns

Hire Know Me St Louis for more traffic exposure and return on investment. As a leading creative entrepreneur in the global creative blogging community, to hire Know Me St Louis meanings working with many local/national brands, charities, and new startups. Know Me St Louis loves collaborating with brands and businesses of all types as long as the shoe fits. However, we lean strongly towards those that include the urban market, style, music or entrepreneurship industries. If looking for an ad opportunity keep in mind all advertisements need to be related to the above mentioned.

Visual Graphic Design Campaigns

We live in a day and age where everything has to be visually engaging to have an impact. As professional brand experts, we can help you design your next graphic design campaign before it hits our blog network for promotion. We know how important branding is so let us help design a campaign that makes a lasting impression. In order to hire Know Me St Louis click

Responsive Mobile Campaigns

Google is the number one leader for optimization and searches. This means that when Google says to do it you have to. With that being said it is important to make sure the Know Me St Louis or platform you are hosting your next campaign on is mobile friendly and responsive for all mobile device.

It is proven the world is moving further from the computer and closer to their devices, will your campaign be responsive and mobile ready? By working with Know Me St Louis we can make sure your campaigns execution is precise on all mobile devices guaranteeing accurate marketing. In order to hire Know Me St Louis click

SEO Content Creation Campaigns

One of the best ways to engage your audience is through a good search engine optimized sponsored post. This assures the right keywords are used and the post is dressed up just right for Google to pick it up and run with it.

A sponsored post is an honest review describing your product/brand by featuring up to 8 images with a minimum of 1000 words with links back to your site as well as social media. These posts are the most effective because we can custom create one to suit your product/brand’s needs.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Know Me St Louis work with many national brands, local designers, boutique owners, beauty, television networks, and private clients to help them build a following and achieve the results they are looking for which is exposure, sales, and brand recognition.

Know Me St Louis enjoys hosting product giveaways for our readers. Giveaways are an excellent way to promote your product and company. Know Me St Louis accepts gift cards, tech, and lifestyle and beauty product giveaways. These are promoted through my blog network (please inquire for full list) and various social media network associated with each blog. In order to hire Know Me St Louis click

Product Review Campaigns

All reviews are done in an honest manner. By sending me an item for review, you grant me permission to express my opinion about it on my blog. Know Me St Louis however, likes to focus on the positive side of a product. If Know Me St Louis feels that this product doesn’t meet those requirements it will be returned and no review will be posted.

Brand Ambassador Campaigns

Know Me St Louis is happy to consider featuring an item from your company on my blog. Know Me St Louis will only post about the item if it aligns with our style, taste or end goals. Know Me St Louis items sent for inclusion in an outfit post, demo or for a review are not returned unless previous arrangements are made.

Hire Kiim Kardashian

In any collaboration, we bring the most recognized attention to your brand, event or our collaborative goal. So if you need us to help assist your business or brand the time to hire Know Me St Louis is now. Please email CHM at chicagohustles@gmail.com.

Know Me St Louis has provided the above services for a vast array of creative and corporate clients including:

Microsoft, Mc Donalds, Vevo, Red Bull, Wataah!, Kings Rosemont, Brisk Bodega, Brisk Ice Tea, Mountain Dew, Thompson Hotel, The Blackstone Chicago, The Drake Hotel, DO STUFF network, Goose Island, Mount Gay Rum, Hornitos, Okamura, Gallery Bar Chicago, Riotfest, North Coast Music Festival, Chicago Reader, Key Ingredients, Lacuna Lofts, CimmFest, Selfless, Fashion Bar Chicago, Yuzu Sushi and Robata Grill, Hinge Chicago, Circle App, Revolution Craft, Chicago Food Film Festival, Vintage Garage Chicago, Sole Cafe, Lollapalooza, Rock The Bells, Flavorpill, Absolut Vodka, Shell Back Rum, The Silver Room, Nokia, Soho Chicago and many more.

*Services Know Me St Louis provides are sponsored ads, sponsored post, sponsored videos showcase, background ads,  post banner ads, and links.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]